Camp Bitobig Code Of Conduct

At Camp Bitobig, we strive to provide a fun, safe, and respectful environment for all of our campers. We believe that every child has an equal right to have an excellent camp experience. Camp Bitobig has a zero-tolerance policy towards violence, bullying and harassment.Camp BitoBig archers

Please remind your child that if they do notice or experience such behaviour from another camper, they should inform their counsellor or any other staff member immediately so the situation can be properly addressed. The Education Program Manager will expel any camper who is a threat to themselves, a fellow camper, staff member, or guest.

Parents/Guardians will be notified and required to pick up the child. A refund will be issued for any full days not attended.

Your child must:

  • Be able to take instruction and follow direction from camp staff and other instructors or service providers.

  • Behave in a manner that does not negatively affect another camper’s experience.

  • Demonstrate, through words and actions, respect for the safety, feelings, and personal integrity of themselves and others, and understand that they may not physically or verbally hurt others.

  • Respect Camp Bitobig equipment/property and other campers’ property.

  • Respect the natural environment and all the living things that call the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area home.

  • Remain within instructed boundaries unless accompanied by a member of camp staff.

These guidelines are for the protection and benefit of all campers. Any violations can result in immediate expulsion from camp.

CLICK HERE for the Code of Conduct pdf.


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