Current Fee Schedule

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Conservation Sudbury 2022 Plan Review Fee Schedule. For a printable version of the Schedule "A" fee CLICK HERE

These fees increased in 2019 based on a detailed study conducted by a professional planner in 2018. Conservation Sudbury fees follow the guildelines set out in the Fees Policy

Schedule "A" Fees: Planning Advisory Program

Planning Application Type

(Privately Initiated - Site Specific)


Official Plan Amendments (OPA)


Zoning By-Law Amendments:

A) Minor rezoning, as per City of Greater Sudbury Planning Application fees: "R1" to "R2", lifting of "H" provisions
B) Major rezoning, as per City of Greater Sudbury Planning Application fees: change in zoning designation except "R1" to "R2"

A) $400.00

B) $800.00



Minor Variance $320.00

Site Plan Control Agreement

A) Minor site plan control agreement, up to 1,500 square metres or 50 residential units
B) Major site plan control agreement, greater than 1,501 square metres 

A) $450.00

Plans of Subdivision

Initial Draft Review


Draft Plan Approval/Extension (Amend/Revision)


Clearance of Conditions at Registration (per phase)


Report Review Fees (Additional)
Individual Fees

Includes review of technical documents related to floodplain hydrology; terrain analysis; aquatic habitat, etc. 

Fees for Storm water Management review under discussion.

Brief Report $100.00

Standard Report $150.00

Major Report $275.00


Charges are per application. Report review fees are per issue. No portion of any fee will be refunded to the applicant.

All fees for the review of an application and supporting reports must be received PRIOR to release of written comments to an approval agency.

  • Typically a Brief Report would take the form of a letter of opinion (2 pages or less) from a qualified professional (planner, engineer; surveyor, etc.) and would relate to the development of a single sub-lot usually for residential purposes.
  • A Standard Report would relate to small or medium scale residential, commercial, industrial or institutional development.
  • A Large Report would typically involve technical reports associated with Plans of Subdivision; large scale commercial, industrial or institutional projects such as "big box" retail, shopping centres, factories, schools, hospitals, etc.

Significant amendments to an application or report, or a re-submission within a period of 3 years, will be charged a review fee of 40 percent of the current fee. A re-submission after 3 years will be considered a new application and will be subject to the full current fee.

Effective Date of Fee Schedule: April 2, 2002

The Nickel District Conservation Authority reserves the right to revise this fee schedule at any time without notice, subject to the approval of the General Board.


Report A Spill

Call the Spills Action Centre 1-800-268-6060

Changes to the Federal Fisheries Act

On November 25, 2013, amendments to the Fisheries Act came into force.

For more visit Fisheries and Oceans Canada.