Flood Forecasting & Warnings

The Nickel District Conservation Authority (NDCA) reduces the risk of property damage and loss of lives due to flooding, by providing a flood warning and control program.

forecasting 1

  • Complements Regulation Enforcement activities.
  • Reduces property damage and loss of life risk due to flooding.
  • Provides coordinated approach to flood warning and flood control during emergency and non-emergency times.
  • Justifies the need for the multi-million dollar infrastructure located throughout the watershed to support these program activities.
  • Provides land held in the public domain for other uses (i.e. passive recreation, water quality protection, etc.)
forecasting 2Who benefits?
  • All municipal partners and emergency response providers.
  • All watershed residents.
  • Individuals and businesses in identified flood hazard areas.
  • Media partners.Conservation area users.
  • Province (through reduced flood damages)
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Conceptual Water Budget map DRAFT, Map 01
Conceptual Water Budget: DRAFT Map 16