Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

NOTE: Conservation Sudbury is monitoring the guidance pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Should our public health authorities provide direction or recommendations applicable to the trails at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area then we will follow these. In the meantime, please follow social distancing protocols and remain 2m away from other hikers on the trails. 

LLCA social distancing on trails march 2020 

The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is a scenic natural area located only ten minutes from downtown Sudbury. Easily accessible by car, the area offers 2,415 acres (950 hectares) of protected green space.

Imagine the remote tranquility of a wilderness setting, a man-made lake and pond, scenic lookouts, a self-guided nature trail, numerous wetland areas, hiking trails, bird watching areas, and snow shoeing and cross-country ski trails in winter. The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area offers the photographer, nature watcher, and recreationist boundless opportunity to experience the wilds.

At Lake Laurentian children can...

  • touch a frog
  • eat juicy blueberries
  • feed the birds
  • learn to survive if lost in the woods
  • see animal displays
  • plant a tree
Program Activities

Since 1967, the interest in and use of the conservation area to provide environmental education programs for school groups and others has dramatically grown. At the conservation area, we offer a wide variety of outdoor interpretive subjects, suitable for all grade levels. We work with thousands of students and their teachers every year from the Sudbury area; from towns around northeastern Ontario, and from towns and cities around southern Ontario.

Every year children from around the Sudbury region can experience the wilds at Lake Laurentian by participating in "Camp Bitobig", our conservation day camp. The camp gives children an appreciation of our natural environment and an opportunity to participate in many outdoor activities. We must remember that our children will be the environmentalists of tomorrow.

The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area has something for everyone. Providing environmental education for over 40 years, is only one of the many benefits this facility provides. Imagine what would have happened to this land had it not been for the vision and determination of decision-makers of the day to see this scenic natural area protected for future generations.


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BioSki Cross-Country and Showshoe Club

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