Objectives of the Friends of Lake Laurentian

Working with the Nickel District Conservation Authority (NDCA) and the Nickel District Conservation Foundation (NDCF) the Friends of Lake Laurentian as a non-profit organization without share capital will:

Encourage and support the goals and objectives of the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area and its mandate for protection, preservation, education, recreation, and camp and school programs relating to the natural, scientific and historic resources by:

  • providing and promoting positive social, economic and physical support to the Conservation Areaʼs activities and programs,
  • raising funds through various means to supplement and compliment the Conservation Areaʼs programs,
  • promoting and organizing special events,
  • promoting community awareness and involvement
  1. Develop programs which will further public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Conservation Areaʼs natural, scientific and historic resources.

  2. Develop high quality, Conservation Area specific, theme related items and materials for public distribution and/or sale and enter into agreements with third parties for the sale of such items

  3. Further the objectives of the Friends of Lake Laurentian by accepting donations, bequests and other gifts.

  4. Encourage a broadly based membership that will support the objectives of the Friends of Lake Laurentian.

  5. Promote partnerships with various other non-profit, public, private and government agencies and organizations that share the Mission and Values of the Friends of lake Laurentian



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