Vision For The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

We are committed to being a model urban Conservation Area in Ontario by creating effective community partnerships that will assist us in improving access and promote the positive image of Lake Laurentian.

We are committed to a sustainable approach to managing the Lake Laurentian watershed.

We are committed to restoring the biodiversity of the ecosystem to the pre- industrial state of the area beginning with the forest.

We are committed to the designation of Galliard Island as a nature reserve research site.

We are committed to the development of experiential educational activities for all ages.

We are committed to accessibility to special needs user groups and individuals. We are committed to developing a premier education center that will be an eco-tourist attraction and promote watershed and climate change education.

We are committed to promoting active lifestyle recreational experiences in this area that are eco-friendly.

We are committed to securing funding and resources to achieve our vision. In support of these commitments we will create and implement a master plan that defines and directs the strategic development and improvement of the Conservation Area to manifest our vision.

All new developments, improvements and overall usage will conform to environmental management principles defined in our master plan.



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