Friends of Lake Laurentian - 2011 Patrons

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City of Sudbury/Engineer; General Manager/SRDC

T.L. (Spike) Hennessy


In the mid 1960's a vision to secure and protect a large area of land on the south shore of Lake Ramsey became a reality. Through much perseverance and determination to get the job done, the expanse now recognized as the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area became a reality. T.L. (Spike) Hennessy played a very important part of this vision. From the earliest days of Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, the Hennessey kinfolk worked relentlessly building boardwalks and helping clear hiking and skiing trails. Over the years, Camp Bitobig was supported by the family who appreciated the areas raw beauty and popularity as a learning centre.

The children & grandchildren of Spike and Maureen, whether they live in Greater Sudbury or other parts of the world continue to return year after year to walk and ski the trails, reconnecting with family and friends in the raw beauty of the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.

The Hennessy family is very proud to support the continuation of their fathers dream and of his efforts for this special green space in Sudbury's community.

The family is a proud member of the Friends of Lake Laurentian and are honoured to be a Patron supporting this vitally important initiative in our naturally beautiful environment located in Greater Sudbury.