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Devon Kershaw

Cross Country Skier - Twice Olympian for Canada and World Champion

devon-kershawDevon Kershaw is a young Sudbury born resident with many fond memories of the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. His first recollection came from the days his parents would backpack Devon as a baby for walks on the hiking trails. Soon he was cross country skiing the BioSki trails. As he grew older he enjoyed walking, jogging  and cycling across the areas vast system of trails.  In winter he would be the first to cut the ski trail on what became known as the ‘Kershaw Kilometre’. When enough snow fell his favourite loop was the 10K trail adding in the K1-K2 at the end.  Springs & summers were filled with  tributes of days paddling Lake Laurentian to the back bay and witness the variety of wildlife especially the return of the herons. Devon helped plant pine trees with his family during his young summer years and  participated in camps doing pond studies and learning about wildlife in the area. On cold winter nights he recalled some wondrous hours with family looking through a telescope  to see a comet that today still fills his memories with awe.

As an accomplished World Champion representing Canada in cross country skiing,  much of his passion comes from having special places in his life like Lake Laurentian—his roots in Ontario’s Nordic north. Much of his early skiing regime that brought him to world recognition began on the cross country ski trails at Lake Laurentian.

Upon reflection, Devon says that when he thinks about growing up in Sudbury, Lake Laurentian is the place where he got  involved with nature and the recreational sports that continue to thrive there today—four seasons of the year.

The Friends of Lake Laurentian are proud to include Devon Kershaw, Olympian and World Champion as a Patron.  May his experiences lead the way for the next generation of Lake Laurentian members.