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Major Meagan McGrath

LLD (Hon.) "From the Impossible to Possible"

meagan-mcGrathBorn in Toronto in 1977 and raised in Sudbury, Meagan McGrath enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1995. She is a graduate from the Royal Military College of Canada with a Bachelor of Science (2000).

Upon completion of her Aerospace Engineering training, Major McGrath serviced at CFB Comox. In 2001 she was posted in Ottawa where she worked as an Imaging Radar System Engineer, a subproject of the Aurora Incremental Modernization Project. She was posted in 2005 to the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre Ottawa Detachment, and the Air Force Experimentation Centre. May 2009 saw her working on the implementation of a Forces School of Aerospace Tech. & Engineering. She and her team maintain the standards for the technical training that technicians and Aerospace Engineers receive.

Her love of climbing began early. Since 2002 she has climbed many peaks throughout the world including Mount Everest in 2007 where she achieved her goal to climb the Seven Summits the highest peak on each continent (Kosciuszko version). Jan. 2008 brought her to the summit of Carstensz Pyramid becoming the first and only Canadian woman to achieve both versions of the Seven Summits.

Mountains are her passion but she has always had a fascination with desert environments, both hot and cold. In Jan. 2010 Meagan completed the first Canadian Solo Ski to the South Pole travelling over 1096 km's in 40 days hauling a sled weighing just over 200 lbs across a vast area of Antarctica.

Following this expedition, Meagan embarked on a 7.5 month journey to the Himalayas where she attempted to climb 5 great Himalayan peaks—a test of her skill, daring and humility. Her next expedition series is one she will endure with challenges of four extreme environments: desert, polar, jungle & high altitude.

Meagan sends to her Friends at Lake Laurentian a strong endorsement for our Patron program by saying, 'The bush around Laurentian was my playground when I was growing up. I agree that this is an important area to protect and I would be honoured to help in the ways that I am able."

FOLL thanks Ms. McGrath for her strong Patronage.