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Dr. David Pearson

Professor of Earth Sciences & Member of the Co-Operative Freshwater Ecology Unit (Vale Living with Lakes Centre/Laurentian University)

dr-pearsonFrom 2001 to 2007, David was the Chair of the Ontario Office of the Canadian Climate Impacts & Adaptation Research Network. From 2008-2010 David was Co-Chair of the Ontario Government's Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaption and chaired the Science Advisory Panel for Ontario's far north Initiative. David was recognized for his community service as a Paul Harris Fellow by the Sudbury Rotary club in 1988 and in 2000 received the Geological Association of Canada's Ward Neale medal for communication of the earth sciences. He has received numerous awards for public communication of science and environmental work in Sudbury. In 2005 he received the Conservation Pioneer Award at the Latornell Conservation Symposium.

David has been involved with several environmental organizations in Sudbury such as EarthCare Sudbury, the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee and various lake water quality advisory efforts along with the Healthy Community Cabinet.

He is currently leading a project to develop changing climate adaptation plans in remote First Nation communities in the Far North of Ontario.

The Friends of Lake Laurentian are invigorated to have Dr. David Pearson as an academic Patron and avid supporter.

His affiliation with FOLL will play an important role in our natural environment serving the community of Greater Sudbury.