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Conservation Authority Urges Caution On Trails After Human-bear Encounter Results In Injuries

Sudbury Star Staff, Publishing date: Jun 29, 2021

Conservation Sudbury is urging the public to use caution after human-bear encounter at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area on Monday left a trail user with minor injuries.bear at Sudbury Conservation Area

A black bear travels near the Garson-Coniston Road in Greater Sudbury, Ont. on Monday, June 22, 2020. PHOTO BY JOHN LAPPA /John Lappa/Sudbury Star

“There has been at least one serious bear and human encounter on a trail at the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area,” Conservation Sudbury said in a Facebook post. “The incident took place on June 28 on the popular Moonlight Beach Trail. This trail runs from the far end of South Bay Road easterly to Moonlight Beach. There is no reason to believe that the bear has left the area. The bear made contact with the trail user who sustained minor injuries and sought medical attention.”

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Province strips away power of local conservation authorities

Sudbury.com By: Matt Durnan, December 9, 2020

COVID-19 recovery bill contains amendments to Conservation Authorities Act which gives final say on permits to the province.Carl Jorgensen - General Manager, Conservation Sudbury

Ice jam in Vermillion River being monitored by Conservation Sudbury

CBC News · Posted: Dec 04, 2020 11:34 AM ET | Last Updated: December 4

Unusual for ice jam to form in late fall; normally it's a spring problem. Conservation Sudbury is keeping an eye on a small ice jam on the Vermillion River in the Town of Capreol.Capreol ice jam 2020 - Conservation Sudbury

Conservation Sudbury is monitoring this small ice jam in the Vermillion River in the Town of Capreol. Some nearby residents are concerned it may cause flooding (Submitted by Ray Pauze)


MEDIA RELEASE - March 12, 2020


Sudbury – Conservation Sudbury hosted its annual spring Flood Contingency Planning meeting today at Tom Davies Square. The most recent information regarding snow pack and water levels was shared and preparedness for the upcoming spring runoff was discussed. The following organizations participated:

  • City of Greater Sudbury
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Vale Canada
  • Glencore (SINO)
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Greater Sudbury Police Service
  • Enbridge Gas

Conservation Sudbury trying to keep eager beaver at bay along Lake Laurentian trail

By Angela Gemmill, CBC News Posted: Oct 06, 2016

Conservation Sudbury seems to be in a bit of a dispute with one of its more wild neighbours. The battle is over a wooden structure in the Lake Laurentian Conservation area.

A beaver is wreaking havoc on a floating boardwalk which crosses -oddly enough- Beaver Pond, says General Manager of Conservation Sudbury, Carl Jorgensen.

lake laurentian beaver

This is the work of an eager beaver who is trying to expand its lodge on top of the floating boardwalk in the Lake Laurentian Conservation area in Sudbury. (From @Lake_Laurentian on Twitter)


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